We share spatial data online.

Spatial information is often only available to a select few GIS people within organizations. ShareMap empowers stakeholders with online, easy-to-use access to their project data, believing that spatial information and collaboration can improve business work-flows with commercial results. When you’re dealing with vast geographical areas, concepts and updates are more easily grasped visually.

ShareMap improves the sharing of spatial information and enables collaboration between disparate stakeholders.  ShareMap provides customers the ability to share imagery and associated data with all stakeholders in a project, providing up to date information in a collaborative environment.

  • better communication and collaboration
  • users have access to the same/latest (up to date) data
  • transparency of information
  • the streamlining of processes
  • full audit history

ShareMap customers access maps and content via a secure SaaS application, enabling efficient visually based collaboration.

Key Benefits

  • Map based collaboration facilitates timely communication across disparate project stakeholders to support decision making
  • Reduce risk whilst increasing efficiency and productivity by managing access to information
  • Reduce time and complexity of “Squad Checks”
  • Reduce cost of rework through incorrect data exchanges
  • Provides quality assurance via secure access, version control and a full audit history
  • Improves decision making via consolidated information, including the ability to review changes over time
  • Releases GIS resources from basic tasks, allowing them to focus on higher value work
  • Intuitive and user-friendly for rapid user uptake.  A conscious focus on simplifying the end-user experience to encourage participation