Mining and Energy

Mining companies have many challenges including keeping stakeholders informed of change, having processes in place to manage change, as well as having systems in place to help in an industry which has high staff turnover.

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In an industry where delays and inefficiencies can lead to huge monetary losses, it can be beneficial to achieve small percentage gains, since they can turn in to big dollar gains. These could come from; the reduction of time for a particular process, minimising delays by running multiple jobs simultaneously, or simply reducing redoing of work.

ShareMap provides information sharing and collaboration to all project stakeholders. ShareMap has the ability to track the changes, for example the design of a coal seam gas pipe network, or a coal mine permit application. Both these examples could include multiple people or stakeholder groups, many versions of the design and some level of final approval, or signoff, by management. ShareMap enables users to see the full version history for each object, and a full audit history is maintained for the period of the project or task.

ShareMap is quickly initialised and is easy to use, with minimal training. ShareMap is web-based, so therefore it can be used anywhere – in the office, on site or even from home or a hotel room.