Major Infrastructure Development

The development of major infrastructure usually involves multiple stakeholders, such as the asset owner, the constructor, engineering companies, surveyors…and the list goes on.  Communication between the different parties is often not easy.

In an industry where contract penalty clauses are prevalent, and often there are financial bonuses for early completion, there are real reasons to strive for project efficiency gains.  These could come from; easy information access by all stakeholders, a place for the multiple stakeholders to input their ideas, or simply reducing some of the risks of the project.

ShareMap provides information sharing and collaboration to all project stakeholders, and of course is governed by a very secure authentication and authorisation system.  ShareMap has the ability to share information more easily rather than physically distributing copies  - which are immediately out of date, and being able to record the design changes/suggestions when people are out in the field so that this information is not lost.  All input is recorded as to why, who and when each change or comment is made.

ShareMap is quick to setup and is easy to use, with minimal training.  ShareMap is web-based, so therefore it can be used anywhere – in the office, on site or even from home or a hotel room.