Major engineering organisations often have a large range of capabilities, including engineers, architects, environmental scientists and serve clients across many markets such as water, energy, environment, property and transportation. People within these organisations usually work on many projects at one time, and have to be able to switch easily.

Within this ‘engineering’ type of environment, having easy access to information and being able to communicate with your colleagues and other external partners can be hugely beneficial. This can assist with keeping all people in-sync with the goals and strategies for reaching project completion on time.

ShareMap provides information sharing and collaboration to all project stakeholders. The gains could be an simply as when new staff come on board there is a system that easily lets them get up to speed on the basics. It could be as detailed as recording all the design changes for a new rail-link project.

ShareMap is quickly initialised and is easy to use, with minimal training. ShareMap is web-based, so therefore it can be used anywhere –

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in the office, on site or even from home or a hotel room.